harbingers of the change

it's never too early to fly a kite in February!

it’s never too early to fly a kite in February!

To be honest, we wouldn’t mind another snow.  We really enjoyed  the little bit we’ve had, and it’s only the middle of  February, but the season is showing other colors.  It’s still early, we’ll hold out hope for another deep cold snap, but in the meantime, we’re enjoying….

My sister in law is visiting from Canada, and she has no complaints for the mild sunny weather.




We went for a hike at Burgess Falls Park outside of Cookeville on Valentine’s Day, and wow was that ever a SWEET way to spend an afternoon.  Levon and Lulah ran most of the trail (Levon holding onto his Dad’s hand most of the time), oooh-ing and ahhh-ing as we went along.  I hadn’t seen such big hemlock trees,  not to mention so much falling water, in a long time.  We heard spring peepers on the road to the falls.

Burgess Falls

Meanwhile, back at home, the daffa-down-dillies have come to town.  Lulah plucks  them for the kitchen table, and for fairy hats.  We see a faint tinge of color in the trees as they prepare their buds for bursting. I’m feeling tempted to plant peas and early lettuce. Paul has started the onions. They’re beautiful.

in the beginning...

in the beginning…






And the turkeys are in full strut.

Anyone who has lived with chickens and roosters knows something about strutting.  Roosters do their puffed up dance with their hens and crow with pride and joy.  Tom turkeys make roosters look like the proverbial 99-lb wimps on the beach.  These guys can take machismo to a whole new level.  We love our tom.  He’s a good guy.  We  heard a rumpus of gobbling and other alien chirps and barks from the hens a few days ago.  Paul peeked out the window and saw the whole flock (all three of them) mingling with a flock of wild turkeys at the top of the hill.  I wanted to get a picture but there were too many trees and I didn’t want to scare them off.  There are at least three big wild toms also strutting their big tail-feathers for the hens.  RainBoy (our tom) was strutting right back, trying with all his might to remind the girls that he was there to serve them.  The girls were mildly interested in the Wild Boys, but everyone seemed a little confused by the fencing (oh, the problems of having a brain barely larger than your eyeball!) and eventually they all went their separate ways.  Rainboy has been dancing around the girls non-stop and it’s a real joy to see them enjoying the sun speckled hillside on these nice days.

Rainboy and Bonnet dancing

Rainboy and Bonnet dancing

We won’t stop asking for another snow though.

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