It has been a long journey, the one getting to this place. I have no doubt you will all get to know parts of that journey, the one that brought us here. I thought it important in my inaugural post to share my perspective of this here. Here is our new project, here is the place where 3 friends are meeting and sharing with each other and with anyone else that wants to have a look. You see, we live in rural America. We are farm wives the three of us, a new generation of farm wives, raised urban, travelled far, and settled rural. We care for the land and our families and our communities. Funny isn’t it, between us we raise enough food to feed nearly 200 families, we preserve that food in countless ways, we make wine from fruits,we care for our babes, we build fence, we raise livestock on grass, we chop wood, we cook from scratch, we sew and knit(some better than others),we make maple syrup when the sap flows, we milk cows,


we mentor young farmers, but somehow we haven’t figured out yet how to see each other enough. Where do women with farms, animals, teenagers and toddlers all to care for meet to have a good time? And more importantly, when? The nearest cafe is way too far away, our children are educated at home so that PTO meeting isn’t an option, our attempts at monthly gatherings often fail once the tomatoes come on, so we’re coming here, all three of us. We hope to inspire, to share a laugh, to exchange a recipe or two and to enjoy each others stories. join us, we love company.

18 thoughts on “here

  1. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on opening your blog. I will be following your exploits and endeavouring to live vicariously through you. You see for me, I was born and brought up rural, couldn’t wait to leave, and now can’t hardly wait to move back rural.

  2. As a future radical farmwife I am excited to see farm mamas celebrating and sharing their view of life. My partner and I are still working on other people’s small sustainable farms (this year in eastern TN), but hopefully in the next five years or so we will have our own land. i look forward to getting this glimpse into your (and my future) lives. Blessings!

  3. As someone who witnessed the “raised urban” first hand, I am in awe. Milking cows? Home schooling? You look so incredibly happy and fulfilled. I can’t wait to read more.

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