love letter

IMG_1413For my inaugural post here, I felt driven to address the awesome ladies that I will be sharing this space with. Thank all of you dear friends and readers so much for all of the encouragement and support you have given as we launch this new project. There’s so much more to come…

Dear Coree and Robin,

The change of the seasons is upon us. The wind is blowing voraciously outside, rain on its way. I know at the end of the day today, we each pulled in a line full of dry clothes, hurrying to get it done before the evening witching hours distracted our mama-selves causing us to forget that laundry altogether. I’ve been watching, and listening, to the trill of the sandhill cranes moving northward. I know you hear it, too. The wood cocks can be heard in the evening air performing their mating ritual, securing a bride. The maple sap has run, and stopped, and will run a bit more before budding time. We dance with these things. Daily. We feed our families the food we have worked so hard for… cooking at least three meals a day for our hungry little troops. The rhythm of our days and weeks and months are so similar, yet we all share it with a slightly different twist. I love that. IMG_1224I feel so honored to get to share my thoughts, and whims, and struggles, and laughter, and tears with two such lovely, strong women. I am terribly excited about this new season we are entering into, together… the season of the radical farmwives! May this journey nourish our souls and make our bonds as friends that much stronger. May this exchange also allow others, farmwives or not, to share what we are doing, and hopefully find a little bit of inspiration here. We have planted a new seed, ladies. Now let’s water it and watch it grow!

I love you both,


4 thoughts on “love letter

  1. As a full time surgical nurse/mother of three – with a ever growing farm – I am so happy to have stumbled across your stories. Thank you for allowing me to read and relate to all of your experiences! Great job.

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