tea time: chat with the farmwives

Cher asks, “How do you make such good yogurt?”

Robin replies, “for years i bought live culture organic yogurt from the coop added about 6 TBS per gallon of milk and hoped for the best (step by step: i heated milk to about 180 degrees, cooled milk back down to 115, added yogurt, and let rest in a warm spot for 8 hours or so). the results were so inconsistent, batch by batch variation and all would be lost if in any given month the yogurt didn’t arrive (or i forgot to order it!). a few years ago i switched. now, i buy freeze dried yogurt culture from the dairy connection. 1/4 tsp can culture up to 4 gallons of milk, the end results are consistent, delicious and easy. i always have the culture on hand, stored in my freezer it can last up to a year. it is cheaper, easier, better, what more can you ask for? so dear friends,fresh batch of yogurt, 2013 maple syrupIMG_4047

come over for breakfast won’t you?

Coree adds to this: “I haven’t taken the time or made the investment in powdered culture (though I’ve meant to ever since Robin told me about it), I have improved the results of my homemade yogurt GRRReatly by simply boiling water in my milk-warming pan, then pouring it into my clean yogurt jars before I start the rest of the process.  I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t take much “off-type” bacteria to interfere with the process, and using the same jars over and over again, or using them still damp from washing with water that isn’t boiling hot (like usual) can guarantee a build up of some kind of undesirable life forms.  The boiling water cleans the pan the milk will be warmed in, then the jars before they set with the culturing milk.  That’s my two cents.

Now, bring on the maple syrup, or strawberry jam…?”

2 thoughts on “tea time: chat with the farmwives

  1. Back when I had a cow, I just used a little store bought plain yogurt to start my first batch, and kept the jar on the cool end of the warming shelf of my wood cook stove. Then I used the yogurt I had to start the next batch. I always had great yogurt.

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