work day

there is nothing better than piling into the van and going for a visit. problem is, with most of our friends farming, we sometimes (often) feel way too busy to indulge in frivolous visiting (ha). thus evolves, the work day(barn raising of yore). we are not just visiting, we are going over to “do something”. we’ve put up hay, dug sweet potatoes, planted garlic, covered high tunnels in plastic, and many other major jobs with different friends over the years. yesterday we were doing one of our favorite spring time activities: innoculating shiitake mushroom logs with paul and alison.  it’s a job that is fun with a small group and downright amazing with a gang. with innoculating tools and a whole lot of excitement in hand we had a day of drilling


stuffing IMG_4053

and waxing


hard wood logs with the shiitake spawn. what you don’t see in the photos is the sawdust shiitake spawn  that was purchased from the mushroom people, the coffee and donuts that greeted us when we arrived early morning, and the farm raised pulled pork sandwiches that rewarded us after finishing 40 logs in less than 2 hours. now that my friends is a day well spent.

another description here for anyone craving even more info about producing shiitake mushrooms.

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