i don’t know about you, but sometimes i find it hard to get mine straight. the farmer in me needs to seed some flats in the greenhouse, the shepherd in me must move those sheep, the friend in me wants to make that call, the wife in me aches to sit with my man, the mama in me hopes to bake that cornbread before the little ones are hungry: each day dawns this way. this past week, those rascally priorities and some of me butt heads. you see, farmer me added too many things to that delicate list. first this needed to be stripped, baled and delivered:


our newest arrivals were still squealing for their home to be completed,


we had two sets of sheep needing to be hauled off the farm, (in opposite directions),


i was swept away by all of this. i thrive in this place, delight in this work,  revel in the urgency of farm life. alas, mama lost sight of her babes somewhere between the tobacco sale and the pig pen. thankfully these little ones don’t let themselves be forgotten for too long. they speak to us in both subtle and direct ways. the signs were clear and with a few deep breaths and some difficult choices, the latter half of this past week was restrucutured. farmer paul went solo to both the sheep sale and  the OAK conference:  trips shepherd and farmer me would have loved to have taken. right now, at the end of these days, my babes are at the top of the list:

and you know i was immediately rewarded for clearing things up IMG_4120

a special notebook for me to keep things straight and a new tea cup to keep things calm. yes, i have my priorities straight now yes i do.

6 thoughts on “priorities

  1. Robin, I love reading your blog. It’s funny how life has taken us each in such different directions, but I would know your voice through your writing no matter what the topic. The more we change, the more we stay the same I suppose. Before reading this entry, I was a bit stressed about how to get my cat into the carrier to bring her to the vet for a check up and moreover, how I would find a taxi to get there during rush hour in Manhattan. Perspective can be so fascinating.

    • ok, i love that you are reading my musings, i would love it even more if we could be in the same room again during this phase of life, perhaps not making mixed tapes, but surely finding something fun to do together!

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