little reminders

IMG_1590I probably should have refrained from coffee this morning, for right now I feel like I might chew my arm off. The rain continues. The grayness continues. The mud, well, I won’t even talk about the mud. My thoughts are ping-ponging around in my head… What plants should I start today? Are the peppers staying warm enough? Have the ducks managed to weasel into the greenhouse again? Has Eric safely loaded the heifers into the slippery trailer? Where is he, anyway? What should I make for lunch? And then I remember the fires need wood. So I grab the wood bag, slip on my boots, and head to the wood pile. That’s when I see it…IMG_1587IMG_1584IMG_1585I see my three little ones happily out in it, not at all minding the rain or the grayness or the mud. The girls are out on the patio washing each others feet in warm, soapy water. Ira is contentedly riding his bike around, enjoying leaving big muddy tracks in the yard. They are embracing the day instead of waiting for it to change. Right. Slow down, mama. Take a deep breath. (And maybe make a list.)IMG_1591I’m not certain how many reminders I need, but when a sweet little thing hands me some just picked flowers and says, “Mama, these are for you”, my heart melts and all of the silly little worries fade away.IMG_1594

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