i woke my sleeping baby

i know, crazy, but it was tree planting day, i had to. you see, sasha is planting an orchard, a peach orchard. it is a collaborative effort between him and our orchardist, potter, retired history teacher/principal, neighbor, friend, jeff. we have been picking apples and pressing cider and spending time with jeff and his wife henrietta for as long as i can remember. henrietta in fact is madeline’s art teacher, but i’ll save that for a different story. jeff has been asking sasha to come up to the orchard more and more in the recent past, jeff is aging and sasha is coming of age, they are the perfect match.


modern age homesteading, home educating, small scale sustainable farming is tough stuff sometimes. ” it takes a village” is true and currently our society doesn’t have in place the same systems that facilitated this lifestyle in eras past. as we work to recreate this rich life without generations of family and history supporting us, we form and reform a new model for our family and our farm. with hope for our children to reach their fullest potential, we surround them with an assortment of knowledgeable and loving adults that can share the responsibility of mentoring these darlings into their adulthood: it is not a job of 2 lone parents.


tree planting is an investment in the future, as with all agricultural undertakings, it takes hard work, devotion, and a whole lot of faith. on this particular day, a day that dawned with the return of the sun after days away, a day that marked the culmination of months of planning, a day that was beyond exciting for so many reasons, my best laid plans dissolved in front of me. jeff picked up sasha as planned so they could get a head start digging holes and despite waking william early from his nap and driving up to highland orchard at nearly dangerous speeds, i missed it. those guys  planted each and every one of those 45 trees without me. a joyous and emotional moment for this mama, my first born is flying solo: eegads.


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