Tea Time

a conversation between the farmwives…

Ok friends – this is the hungry month, right?  What do you feed your family when you’re so tired of the winter fare?  I’m scrambling for something new.  The Poke greens haven’t emerged yet.  We’re tired of venison and kale, and intolerant of more beans, and the kids already eat two eggs each every morning.  Please, someone throw me a line!

Love, CoreeIMG_1423

Cher says: I hear you. I feel like the only diversity from day-to-day is whether sweet potatoes are for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are eating lots of eggs as well, especially since our meat supply is dwindling. And did I mention sweet potatoes? We eat lots of sweet potatoes. We do still have kale and collards in the garden, and to freshen up our diet a bit, I’ve been making a massaged kale salad and I’m not tired of it yet. (although the kids may be!) It’s very easy and can be amended in a variety of ways (just like you would with a lettuce salad) to prevent: “kale salad again?” Here’s what I do:  Go to the garden and pick big bunch of kale (say 15-20 12″ leaves). Come back to the house. De-stem kale, roll it up and cut into ribbons (chiffonade). Put in bowl and sprinkle with salt. Now roll up your sleeves and proceed with the massaging… at least two minutes. Add roughly 1/4 cup olive oil and a couple of tablespoons vinegar of your choice. Amend with your choice of toppings, like toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds, cubed fresh mozzarella, apple slices, whatever suits your fancy (or with whatever you have on hand). Toss and enjoy!

Alas, it is March, and the hunger moon is waxing. But in just a few weeks, just a few short weeks, spring’s explosion is going to happen and we’ll forget all about the lack of diversity right now. Or maybe we just won’t have the time to think about it anymore! But maybe it’s not so bad, just think about Laura Ingalls Wilder, in the book The Long Winter, when blizzard after blizzard pummeled them, and they had only scant amounts of hard wheat with only a coffee grinder to grind it for their daily bread. Mercy.

Robin says: oh ladies, i was bemoaning lack of diversity way back when. i know we are so lucky to have a freezer full of meats and a pantry still loaded with canned goods. there is no reason why with a high tunnel on the farm we should be so starved for fresh greens, but even that space is in transition. we are down to swiss chard and our last of the roots: turnips. cher, if you think your family tires of kale salad, try to imagine what my group says when presented with roasted turnips! friends, today was 70 degrees,  the grass is starting to grow and you know we are going to be up to our elbows in excess soon , in the meantime, why don’t you guys come over for chard and lamb tacos? in my mind, in march, salsa also counts as a vegetable! our current sunny spring picnic meal is the ole’ ploughman’s lunch, a platter of mixed pickled delights, a wedge of cheese, hunk of bread. somehow in this form, even the children adore the pickled beets they scorn out of the jar.


2 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. And I have been – and continue to be – so happy that I kept a bed of kale going all winter. A first for me down here in the holler. We have been thrilled to eat fresh, tender kale in salads and kale in soups and kale with potatoes and …..well, that’s the extent of our kale menu. But it is still going and we will still be dining on it when the fresh greens come up soon. Love your writings ladies! And would you care to let me know if you are going to the ballet again – I would love to go with you.

    • will do Pat – maybe we could get Dominic to come out for an art appreciation party next time he’s around. I love kale, but i’m so tired of it by the middle of March! glad to hear from you.

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