we had a big day planned. the first meeting of the farmwives since our blog’s inception. you see, it’s true, we don’t see each other nearly enough. we hoped to work a bit on the computer, we HAD to get some of our roving into cher’s hand prior to her first spinning lesson next week,  we were dining together and going to the local theater to see madeline perform. with arrivals scheduled for early afternoon, by 3:00 my family was climbing the walls desperate for our guests! luckily the sound of wheels on our gravel drive came soon thereafter and we raced each other for the door.

i knew all week that i would write something about this visit, but i didn’t know what. now, in the silence following everyone’s departure, i can think only of how restored i feel from these precious few hours with my friends. it is hard work that we do: mothering and farming, both fields notoriously undervalued. as we bounced from one topic to the next: from homeschooling to partnering in business with our men, from eating with the seasons to perspecitves on feminism, from the decision not to allow TV in our homes, to chore time, we all spoke freely, from the heart, knowing that we would be understood, confident that we each would find comfort in sharing our tales, and energized by the sheer joy of togetherness.IMG_4368

i treasure these visits, few and far between indeed, but so deeply satisfying.

4 thoughts on “together

  1. way to go, Robin. You are an inspiration for all of us. Great reading your
    blog and hearing the inspiring stories from you, Coree, and Cher. I can’t believe Sasha is so grown up, but I guess the “sprouts” sprout up quickly,
    don’t they? Say hello to Paul for me.
    Love, Sally

    • way back when, when sasha was still in my belly, i spent some days wathcing after your then young toddler! don’t you love that! time does fly. until our next meeting, with love,

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