tea time

A conversation between the farmwives:

Good morning! So… even though the cold temperatures have crept back to us for a few more days, it is evident that spring is upon us. As soon as I wake up in the mornings, (to the sound of singing birds!) I am nearly in a flat out run… split wood, build fire, cook breakfast, tidy house (while cooking), tend children (while cleaning), tend greenhouse, tend chicks, tend whatever else needs tending, clean (again), cook (again), and on and on… Some days I find it almost impossible to squeeze in projects other than the crisis-in-your-face kind. Tell me, ladies, how do you incorporate the bustle of spring (and the work load that goes along with it) into your already busy days? Do you make lists? Do you just roll with it all? Do you ever ask your hubbies to do child-care so you can take a breather? (by “breather” I mean allowing you to move to a task without having a little one hanging on your leg…)  I would just love some input cause I’m feeling a bit like a chicken with it’s head cut off…

Love, Cher

Yes.  I make lists, and usually lose them in the bustle (cause I’m not a virgo like you and the Man Around Here) but they make me feel better.  I notice my breath when I do dishes, and now that I have one child old enough to do dishes, I get her to do some, which is actually a great relief, even if it means more chipped dishes and finding another job to breathe into.  And Yes, I send the kids to pester their Dad when I can’t find my brain in my head anymore.

Three more things I try to make happen: 1) Fixate on just one or two projects, sometimes really small ones, that I really want to see through.  If, for the sake of those projects some of the other multitude of other things to do fall away, I am agreeable to letting them go for the day.  2) Say some kind of grace before each meal.  It’s just a moment but it causes us to pause and rest our senses for that second, which is helpful. 3) I read (you might knit Cher).  Often it’s just a paragraph or two of something completely enjoyable and often unrelated to the work of the season.  Just before I sleep, with a headlamp, just for me, just for a moment.

As crazy as it is, it will pass, and quickly.

Love, Coree

busy tea

i am a compulsive list maker, it started for fun, but now it is one of life’s necessities. the satisfaction of checking things off is so great, what a boost when you feel you have not gotten anything done, just look at all those checks! i agree with coree, keep things doable. so the day’s list will include many small projects, and not too many large ones. i am the lucky one amongst us, i have the oldest kids (and the youngest too but that is for a different story). despite the roller coaster of adolescence that sometimes adds drama to the homestead, the amount of helpful work that big guy can accomplish is actually remarkable. dear middle child too pitches in and next thing you know the cow is milked, the milk filtered and the equipment cleaned, the pigs are fed, the horses watered, the family fed, the house tidied, and the adults caffeinated: all by 8:30. on a good day i even get to the “office work” lest we forget these farmwives are also running farm businesses and spring is CSA enrollment time. deep breath. dad pitches in when i start sinking, hopefully while still with my head above water! and again agreeing with coree, as tired as i am at the day’s end, i force myself to emerge after putting the babe to bed and have a cup of soothing tea and a good read.

with hope for a spectacular spring,


5 thoughts on “tea time

  1. We tend to be very “seat-of-the-pants” here at the farm. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t make lists. Like Coree we lose many of them, but enough of them linger to give us a vague sense of direction.

    • Love the “vague sense of direction”… that is precisely how I feel most days. But as long as I am up on my feet doing stuff, normally something gets accomplished!

      • Same here. This morning we had no specific plans, yet we planted black raspberries, built a foundation for some of our rain barrels and worked on a small drainage project. Not a bad day!

  2. I’m not a farmwife, but I am a bit radical in the way I think. To-Do lists rarely work for me, they tend to make me feel overwhelmed. I prefer To-Done lists. I only write down the things I’ve accomplished! Try it, it tends to give a person greater satisfaction and helps you to focus on the positive of the finished instead of the negative of the undone. It also helps your spouse understand what occupied your entire day and appreciate all your hard work even more!

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