spring to my senses

IMG_2304My seeing… colors returning. Lovely, subtle colors filled with so much promise are returning to the trees. Rich, robust colors are springing to life in the fields and forest floor. As the leaves on the trees grow, so does the amount of shade on the ground; changing the quality of light, increasing light and dark contrasts, and enhancing the richness of what I see. Funny how so often in nature, a color seems to find its complement, and is happy there. An orange sunset in a blue sky. A bright yellow wood poppy blooming right next to a deep purple larkspur. A scarlet tanager oddly camouflaged in the green canopy of the trees. I see life multiplying; thousands of frog eggs and tadpoles, busy birds making nests, bees swarming, lambs being born. There is just so much to see, and yet, so much finesse and subtlety that I can’t possibly see it all.

IMG_2296My tastingfreshness returning. Oh, the promise of a garden! Just thinking about the goodness to come makes my mouth water profusely! I’ve only had a nibble here and there of delicious spring-time offerings, but what a treat! And I am watching those lettuce transplants like a hawk, because just as soon as I can, I’m having a proper salad! IMG_2284My smellingrichness returning. Working in the garden, the delicious smell of the soil coming back to life after a winter of dormancy fills me up. The smell of fungus. The smell of wildflowers on the breeze. All of these mingling aromas, coupled with a warm breeze, forces one to pause and breathe deeply. IMG_2291 My hearing… life returning. Birdsong from world travelers is returning and filling the air. Down in the holler, around our homestead, we first hear the phoebes. Then the Louisiana water thrush, the prothonatary warbler, and so many more. As the trees leaf out and the canopy fills, the tanagers will be heard, and my favorite of all, the wood thrush. My ears are longing to hear that bell-like waterfall of song. One by one, we mark the calendar upon their return. I hear insects buzzing day and night now. Their cacophony will increase as we head into summer, but I hear them still, and know that their numbers are increasing. The toads, too, are very dear to my ears. About a week ago, when the nighttime air was without a chill, I was sung to sleep by the song of the toads for the first time of the spring. I rejoiced hearing their peaceful whirring, many toads combining to make a symphony.IMG_2300

 My touching… warmth returning. The time has come where the many layers of winter are being shed. What a relief! And what a time-saver to not have to put on coveralls, coat, hat, and boots each time I go outside! (I sometimes feel like I could fly, without the burden of all that extra weight!)  Oh, to feel that yummy sunshine on my skin! And to feel the first touches of sunburn on my sun-deprived arms. The feeling of the cool earth and moist grass between my toes again is divine. The feel of the startlingly chilly creek water will knock any of the remaining winter doldrums right out of a person! Take a deep breath and dive in, for sensuous springtime is here!

2 thoughts on “spring to my senses

  1. What lovely words to start my day…I feel like I have been on my own spring adventure…vicariously.

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