IMG_2353My “thankful” top ten of the day:

1. fabulous friends and a fabulous day spent together. 2. a long walk with little Livi, searching for mushrooms and talking about fairies. 3. bare feet in the cold creek. 4. so many lambs that it looks like someone tossed a bag of cotton balls into the pasture. 5. magic and quirks. 6. bags of much loved hand-me-downs for two thrilled little girls. 7. beans and rice. 8. a newly discovered patch of white trilliums. 9. bright blue eyes in a sun-kissed face. 10. my rocking chair and a cold beer.

2 thoughts on “thankful

  1. and i am thankful for my dear farmwives who will love those dresses, host those parties, make that second cup of coffee and inspire and energize and fill me to the brim with love and friendship.

  2. yes. and i am thankful for this continual wheel of giving and receiving. for the girls who change their (new) dresses at least four times a day. for love and so much more. i am thankful to cher for getting the thanksfuls started.

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