the first salad

so much has happened in this past week; here in the hollow, in my personal and professional life, and in the nation. in this whirlwind of highly charged emotions and energy swirling, i have found it incredibly difficult to focus and write.  it all became clear to me just a few minutes ago, i decided to write about my salad, the first of the season. there seems right at this moment a huge dose of profundity in my bowl of greens, some of which might just be worth sharing.


this salad is about simplicity. i needed just the greens, no adornment. no dressing, no toppings, just lettuce. it is for me the first taste of spring. the animals that graze this farm have had their first nibbles also.  over the past weeks, the grasses have begun growing again and the signs of delight are a pleasure to see. ewes and lambs prancing in the grasses so thankful for the fresh food,  addie and her calf resting sated in their new paddock, with our dear cow offering more cream to all. we are all soothed by the simple goodness of spring’s gifts.


sometimes, with chaos around us, there is little we can do. instead of feeling frustrated in our inability to solve global standoffs or ease pains thousands of miles away, let us vow instead to remember joy in the breath before each meal, walk slowly past the blossoms and savor the taste of fresh home grown goodness. 


if more attention were given in every home to the fine details of taste and nutrition, would the world be a better place? would moods lighten and anxieties lift? i can’t answer that, i can only join with you and ponder. in the meantime, those of you that know me, know how much i adore my salads, and perhaps i am taking this to a new level, but it is the first lettuce of the season friends, spring is here.

3 thoughts on “the first salad

  1. Robin, I will never forget how much salad you can put away. I think we would cut a whole head of lettuce just for you.

  2. speaking of farm food memories, could i have paul’s tofu recipe. that strange one with ketchup and tabasco.

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