a pause

A necessary part of living is also sometimes pausing… Pausing to look more closely at a flower, or a bug. Pausing to tie the shoe of a little one. Pausing as your brain thinks about what is next on that giant to-do list. Pausing. Just to take it all in.IMG_2408Well. It is spring. When, exactly, is there any time to pause? For anything? I mean honestly. Some days when I sit down at the table for supper, I realize that I have not sat down since lunch-time. And so it goes that a head-cold creeps into our household and firmly reminds me to sit still a minute!!! Or a couple of days, as the case may be. Not that I really sat still, but I did find myself sitting more than I normally would have on a fine spring day, with rain on the way. Despite all of the snot and feeling like my head might just explode, I sort of enjoyed my little pause.IMG_2399But it shouldn’t take sickness to be reminded that it’s ok to pause for a spell.  It’s ok to sometimes read one more chapter, or knit one more row. It’s ok to just sit in the yard and stare in wonder at the world turning green right before my very eyes. IMG_2402And so it goes. As I watch this spring-time cold move through the ranks in our family, I pause… Out of necessity at times, to help wipe a nose or fetch a cup of tea. But these moments of recognition are critical for me; to take a step back and look at the big picture and to revel in the body’s ability to heal and be renewed. Clearly, the dishes can wait.IMG_2411Each day is new. Each day is fleeting. And even if it feels like you just don’t have time to pause even for a second, think again! Take that moment to look around yourself, or close your eyes and breathe, or turn a cartwheel if that makes you happy, and pause. Just a moment here or there works wonders!  So, with these thoughts, I bid you all a lovely day, with at least one nice refreshing pause. You deserve it. IMG_2421

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