tea time

Coree wonders… about the moon.  These beautiful Springs nights with whip-poor-wills loud and clear and the moon so big – so inspiring.  I’ve noticed over the years, just through observation, that the garden seems to stand on tip toe when the moon is full, and seeds germinate fast.  The dry spell before this one we were busy planting planting planting, but it was a new moon, and almost everything has been slow to germinate.

We’ve all done a fair amount of studying about gardening, Biodynamic and organic.  I wonder what you use now – practically – of these extra-planetary influences.

Stella Natura calendar? Local hardware store almanac calendar?  Dry days as available?  How does it work at your place?

with love and curiosity, Coree

Robin replies…

we actually love using the stella natura calendar. it has always been presented to me as a guide to use with care, always taking into account local conditions. so, we read it, acknowledge it, and adhere to it as best we can. it offers guidance. when the days are full and the lists long, the planting calendar is yet another tool we can use to help us prioritize. when planetary alignment is such that a day is best spent with root vegetables or leafy delights, so be it! we have noticed again and again, that noting solar, lunar and planetary alignments aids us in our farming (and so many other aspects of life). these are powerful forces at work, we know that on so many levels, so recognizing them as such and working with them helps us day in and day out.

Cher replies…

Practicality rules here. While we do consult the Stella Natura calendar, it is not the end all for us. Practical, common sense observations of current and forecasted weather conditions guide us more than anything else. In this region of southern Kentucky, sometimes a planting window can literally be just a few hours of time. If we were to choose not to plant because of certain astrological forces, we might altogether miss a window and therefore miss out on particular crops for the entire season. We have to take chances, even when certain forces may be suggesting otherwise. It is a lot like gambling… you win some, you lose some. But you can’t say something didn’t work unless you have tried it for yourself. When we do get planting done in accordance with the biodynamic planting recommendations, we give ourselves a big pat on the back, for sure! Seeding in the greenhouse is a little more flexible, because you are not at the mercy of soil conditions in the open garden. So with greenhouse work, we are able to follow the planting calendars a bit more closely. I have always felt, though, that the gardener’s intentions can have a lot of merit in the success or failure of crops… so let us enjoy our work in the garden, project positive thoughts and be rewarded for our work in more ways than just a big harvest!

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