tea time

A conversation between the farmwives…

Robin here looking for advice on getting me and my crew out the door. any tips? i love my home, my farm, my life, but sometimes you need to leave! (market day for example..) i think ahead, pack ahead, plan ahead, but then something always is either left behind or left undone. i have tried leaving certain essentials in the vehicle, but then that starts to look like the closet i don’t have. we all benefit from getting away and returning to the place we love, but how can we make it easier to swiftly depart? if we can solve this one, maybe we can visit more often!

coree says…

Oh, I hear you.  I wish there was a magic bullet here.  I’m always amazed that even when I’m pretty sure that I actually got out the door in time, it seems to take an extra ten minutes just to get into the vehicle.

The one thing that has made me saner, sometimes, is to just decide that I’m leaving earlier than I need to.  Then, even tho there’s still a last minute rush, the rush isn’t actually at the LAST minute.

Mostly, I just dance in the whirlwind, holler about coats and shoes a bit, and enjoy the sensation of all those details falling away once we’re on our way down the road.  As long as we didn’t forget our wallets at home…

cher says… Fortunately, driving isn’t something I have to do daily and for this I am incredibly grateful. When a town trip is in order, Eric and I try to work it out so that one adult runs errands while the other stays home (or waits in the vehicle if staying home isn’t an option) with the kiddos. This makes the errand running so much more pleasant (and efficient!) for all, and keeps my car-sick-prone Opal from having to suffer unnecessarily. This isn’t always a possibility, however, and once we start our weekly trek to Nashville for the farmer’s market I will certainly be readying the van. A few of the children’s items just have a permanent home in the van… like their shoes, since they don’t seem to wear them any other time than when we go to town. And water bottles, because I just can’t handle the chlorinated/flouridated water option from public sources. And the chamber pot, to catch the puke when the winding country roads overcome my little girl. I also usually have a bag of spare clothes tucked away under one of the van seats, just in case. And if we are going to be gone from home all day, there’s all the food that need to be packed… Yes, getting out of the house with all the kids and all of the cargo is a feat, indeed! Our first trip to Nashville for the season is in one week. Looks like I’d better start packing right now!

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