tea time

A conversation between the farmwives…

Robin here it is 2:44 in the afternoon. i am undeniably, unbelievably alone right now. paul has taken william on a siesta fishing trip and the older kids are working on their own projects. i don’t know what to do with myself! my question to you my dear friends, when you find yourself alone, and i know for you both it is as rare as it is for me, what do you do? i am torn between the conflicting desires to tidy up, visit my ever growing laundry pile, work in the garden without someone pulling on my pant leg or just take a solo walk in the woods. so many choices. how does a farmwife use her precious alone minutes, what is most restorative for you guys? wondering if ultimately we feel better with the house cleaner or the garden less weedy or our heart fresh from a brisk walk up that hill amongst the trees.i hear the sound of the van on the gravel drive, this means my moment is past…

Coree says…  Ha!  Isn’t it an awesome dilemma?  In those moments, I often remember a phrase from one of the Little House books, in which Ma, Carolyn Ingalls, remarks that they will wait to sit and do their knitting and sewing projects until the house chores are done, so that they can rest and work with a “clear conscience”.  After that, I quickly remember that the Ingalls family of 6 lived in a house not much larger than my kitchen (which is very small).  My housework never seems to be done, and so if it is too overwhelming, I jam on it in a way that I can’t do when there are precious children underfoot.  Sometimes I make it double fun by calling a long lost friend while I wash dishes.  If I can overlook the dust bunnies, I choose to go outdoors ASAP.  There’s always more to do out there, but there might also be time to just sit on the deck with a cup of tea and Wowee the farm cat after some weeds are pulled or a patch of lawn mowed.

Oh, I get wistful, just thinking of it.

never ending layers

never ending layers

Cher responds… Time alone? Rare are the moments, indeed. But I’m having one right now. We have just finished our Friday harvest and had a quick lunch. The children have not yet returned from my sweet neighbor’s house, where they often go for a few hours during our hectic Friday, giving me some unfettered work time without so many distractions. (Thank you, Lindsay!) Eric had to run to town for some tractor diesel, as his afternoon will be spent cultivating in the garden. So I’m having a precious time-alone moment. Ahhhhhh…

Being a mama of three very busy little ones, my household work far exceeds my ability to keep up with it all! There is always something left to do. While I am definitely the type of person that prefers to have my household “ducks in a row” before I feel I can indulge in alone time spent reading, knitting, or spinning, I also realize the importance of taking a moment to do something different from my normal tasks. One of my biggest summertime indulgences is to take my knitting and a cup of tea to the creek for a spell. But most of the work of my days, I don’t actually mind doing. I don’t mind washing dishes, or sweeping the floor, or folding laundry, or mowing the grass, or weeding. And when I’m alone, and my brain can think it’s thoughts without distraction, those tasks even feel rewarding. While I don’t need that much alone time to feel restored, and whether I am working or sitting still, It is just so necessary for us all to take a moment from time to time!!!

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