Today, I’m particularly thankful for two people and their gifts.

First, my friend Cher.  I’m so grateful she likes to do her laundry by hand.  I admire that patience and attention to quality.  I also admire her deep desire for cleanliness and loveliness of the home place.  She’s done some real good Spring cleaning this year and offered me her old washing machine, which is identical to mine, but had a few problems, for parts.  So thoughtful and generous.  I brought it home about a week ago.

This morning, I threw a load of laundry in my old trusty machine and turned the knob to make it agitate.  The knob clicked in a weird way, the wash began to spin violently and refused to stop.

Oh dear.

washer part

This is where my second wave of gratitude kicked in.  My Fellow Man took the time in the heat of the day to dissect both machines, inspect the broken part of our machine, a lovely and complicated piece of clockworks, and then promptly replace it with the one from Cher’s machine.  Viola!  He’s back into tomato cages and corn seed now.  I’m constantly amazed at how many different hats he can wear in the course of a day.


I’m so thankful, to Cher and Paul, that the wash got done!


4 thoughts on “thankful

  1. Hooray, Coree! I am so thankful that the machine came in handy that quickly! And now my guilt of giving you one more hunk of metal to have around your own homestead is alleviated! And now, I am so thankful for the additional space on my deck!

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