tea time

A conversation between the farmwives…

Cher reflects… With the Father’s Day holiday in store for our families this weekend, I’m sure we’ve all got something up our sleeves for a special father in our lives. We are planning a cookout of sorts down by our swimming hole at the creek to honor Eric, the amazing papa that he is.  We’ll probably have bratwurst and make a batch of homemade marshmallows to cook over the fire. (The adults might even have a cold beer.) We have a lovely family visiting from Nashville, so it will be doubly celebratory…

The fact that Father’s Day falls in the summer, and some of my fondest memories of my own father occurred in the summer, I can’t help but reflect a little. My father loved to spend time out on the lake in our family’s boat. We would usually take one longer boating/camping vacation each summer, but for the most part my family would take off for the lake on Sundays following church. I recall just a few Sundays when church was skipped (shhhhh), with the hopes of making it to the lake to try to get some good skiing time before other boaters filled the water with waves and chaos. I loved those moments so much… to be out on the placid lake water in the very early morning, the air still cool as the wind blew in my face, and my dear father in the captain’s seat, always with an easy smile on his face. Such grand times and memories. My father and I share that smile. When I see myself in a picture or reflection, I see it. I love knowing that I still carry something of his with me everyday.

I’m just curious about what plans you might have for this weekend, and how you celebrate the fathers in your own lives. Or maybe you have a Father’s Day memory that stands out from your childhoods (or your adulthoods). Please do share…

Have a lovely weekend,


robin adds…it is strange for me, both mothers day and fathers day. we spend so many years thinking of and celebrating our own parents and then sometime in there we become parents. for me, these are bittersweet holidays as my parents both passed on earlier than i would have hoped. so, i love to honor paul on fathers day, but there is this place in my heart for my dear dad. he was a jolly soul who shared with me his seemingly boundless love and unconditional support in all of my eandeavors. his calm demeanor and love for his family was strong. my dad woke me each day, not with an alarm or a shout from another room, but with a calm touch, a rub on the back, a gentle urging that enabled me to emerge each morning full of love. he left this physical world knowing i was settled here on the farm: he imbued this place with his blessing, i feel it, especially this weekend. for paul, the  wonderful father of my children and soul mate, we head to the water: lake, river, creek, any and all. on his day, each year, we grill and fish and swim. delightful each time. wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Coree says… My father is a writer, a poet.  I enjoy and appreciate the chance to look through a window in his mind by means of his poems.  He has always shared his writing with me and encouraged me to express myself creatively.  That encouragement has very much shaped the course of my expressions, and I’m grateful for that.

He writes about many things, but the Earth Songs, naturally, are some of my faves.  For Father’s Day, I’ll share one…

“It is not enough to be industrious: so are the ants.  What are you industrious about?”    – Thoreau

a cabin

a garden

a warm fire

enrich more than any wealth

created by the economy

brokered by the banks

and sustained by the politicians

which are reeds shaken by the wind

offering no promises

that can be assured

like a man with a great fortune in gold

who finds himself in a lifeboat

what use is it

love of nature

love of beauty

love of imagination

have greater currency

than any horde of cash

the night is coming

walk the paths of perception

find enjoyment

while the sun still shines

get your living

by what you love

and your life

can never be bankrupt

Original work of J.M. White.  If you want to read his books, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

1 thought on “tea time

  1. I’ll be preparing for an in the flesh visit from my dad. He and mom will be coming down for the week to help build a little shed on their place. This means getting all of our p’s and q’s in line around the farm because gardening time will be limited for a few days.

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