sunset with sweet dumpling

saturday is a long day for us, one that is simultaneously exhausting and energizing. we deliver our CSA shares to 70 families all living just over 100 miles away. when we sped along the interstate on our way home from the farmer’s market, fathers day weekend looming and rain in the forecast, both paul and i had the same thought:  we want to get home and work! yes, the day began at 2:30 am but the exhilaration of our weekly community engagement sang in our ears and we had things to do.

the past weeks we have been totally immersed in a huge project:  erecting  a 30′ by 96′ high tunnel, our farm’s second. with a mandatory completion date of june 13th (one year to the day after i signed the contract for NRCS funding). despite our best efforts to avoid this, it was down to the wire. as  difficult as it was for us to watch more than one planting window open and close in our days devoted to this project, we knew it was meeting one of our major long-term goals for the farm’s long-term future. now, with the tunnel complete and nearly planted, our attention rapidly turned to our gardens and a wonderful planting window before our eyes.


field 2 was where i headed, around 7 pm saturday night. sasha finishing up his evening chores, madeline near the house listening for a sound asleep william.  this hour, for me is normally spent  in the kitchen. last night though, i was free. a neighbor had roasted a turkey for us to celebrate our week’s end the night before, fresh bread from nashville made for divine sandwiches that everyone was happy to devour. paul is a twilight man and friends, now i see why. i was alone (paul was on his tractor preparing more beds for planting) and working quietly with the evening breeze. in the waning light of our longest day, i sowed our winter squash.  a critical storage crop that already seems bit late to be getting in, for me the timing was perfect:  butternuts and sweet dumplings, delicatas and acorns, these winter treats will fill our bellies in many months for many months.


field 2:  the before and after shot look exactly the same. it will be many days before i see even the first leaves of these plants that will bear the fruits of my labor this night. now,i simply enjoy the feeling of completion. the thunder is ushering in likely showers tonight, nature’s blessing on a long day’s work.

6 thoughts on “sunset with sweet dumpling

  1. I just have to say, Robin, that I so love keeping in ‘touch’ with you this way… I feel like I am back there with you all!! As I often long to be… We will figure a way down there soon. My love to everyone at Hill and Hollow! (p.s. what a wonderful blog– seriously good idea!!)

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