little moments

Each day is filled with tiny little moments… IMG_3185So much can happen in just one day. One hour even, when you really pay attention. This afternoon, as I was hanging out with Livi, I really saw all that she was involved with in just a short amount of time. Wow. Little people are so busy. But in Olivia’s busy-ness, I saw her complete concentration on and enjoyment of what she was doing, whatever that was at any given moment. We moved from chasing the newly hatched ducklings through the yard, to the swing that hangs in the big maple tree, to snuggling the lambs that were freely grazing in the yard, to the pavilion for a glass of cold fresh milk. Each little moment a blessing. Each little moment fully lived. IMG_3211IMG_3201IMG_3177

Just a few days ago, Ira came blasting into the house on a search for something. Maybe it was a hammer for his latest project. I can’t really remember. Then he spied the hummingbird that was in the house (that I had been quietly watching) gathering spiderwebs from a high window. His attention shifted completely to that bird. Ira has a way with birds, and before I knew it, he had that little creature cupped in his hands and was headed back out the door for a quick show-and-tell with our visiting friends before letting the bird have its freedom. Just about two minutes passed between the time the bird was rescued and released. But that little moment will last so much longer in my mind… Seeing Ira’s joy and amazement at finally getting to hold one of those fast-flying beauties. I’m so glad I was there to see it. IMG_3206

Many days my lists are long, with so many things awaiting my attention. I often am juggling more than one thing at a time and never really giving my full attention to any one of those things. Lately, when I notice that I am spinning my wheels and trying to do too much at once, I think about these Iessons from my children… about really living in the moment and fully embracing whatever is at hand. While it isn’t always easy to cast away the allure of multi-tasking, I’ve been trying to practice what I call intentional “uni-tasking”. One thing at a time… letting my attention fully focus. Allowing time to pay attention to the finer details brings a peacefulness to my presence. And most of the time, I get just as much accomplished and I enjoy myself more. Hmmmmm.IMG_3209

All three of my children share a room right now. As I lay with the littlest at bedtime to ease her transition into sleep, I listen as each child crosses over the threshold of sleep, their breath growing deep and consistent… first one, then two, then three. Three breaths with their own rhyme and meter, their own songs being sung, their own dreams that I will never know. Three breaths rising and falling as the sound of the crickets floats in the open window. A rustle of leaves. Light rain on the tin roof. It’s these little moments that make up our days. It’s these little moments that I cherish. More often than not, the moments are so subtle and fleeting… if my mind is lost in thought, the moment passes without notice. I’m challenging myself to slow it down a notch, and pay closer attention to the little moments. I don’t want to miss a thing. IMG_3205

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