tea time

A conversation between the farmwives…

Robin asks…

friends, we are in it now, the long days, high humidity, blazing sun! summer has arrived. i have a practical question for you about sun protection . what do you guys do to protect yourselves and the children from the rays when you are out in it for hours upon hours? for the most part we are keep yourselves covered kind of people, hats, lightweight long pants and long sleeves. but the young ones, no way will they keep their hat on! do you use sunscreen (ick???)send some tips..

Coree throws in…

We do it all.  Sometimes the kids are amenable to lots of clothes.  Sometimes they’re not.  Lulah, ever conscience of her personal fashion statement, is very particular about hats and prefers an old timey sun bonnet above all else, until it falls off.  So, there’s always a bag with EVERYTHING in it.  Sunscreen, when the clothes come off.  Levon has learned to take his sunscreening well.  Especially when Lulah applies it like face paint.


Paul and I have been fortunate to receive a few of those ultra sunblock shirts, and I try to keep us wearing them.  To see what the sun has done to Paul’s shirts over the years makes me shudder a little, but at least he was wearing the shirt!  I think of it like crops in a garden – diversity is how we best thrive.

Cher adds…

My children seem to naturally avoid the sun when it is intense. They don’t seem to mind being out in it in the early mornings or early evenings, when the intensity of the sun is so much less. And if Eric and I are ever in a position that we must get some work done in the heat of the day, the children find the shade in the forest surrounding our gardens. Or the girls head to their favorite garden spot, in their magical little house under the peach tree (where the fairies live). When we are at the creek, same thing… the sun is ok for a bit, and then it’s to the shade. They shun hats and excess clothing altogether. As far as the adults on the farm go, hats are a must. And I usually wear long pants and can tolerate long sleeves to a point (like when I’m picking tomatoes, okra, and summer squash), but then  I feel like I’m going to suffocate and down to the tank top I go. I do try to be mindful about not getting scorched, however. And when I feel like my vitamin D tank is filled to the brim, I get out of the sun… Even if there is still more work to be done, a bad sunburn just isn’t worth it!

The only time we use sunblock is when we vacation at the beach… there is just so much exposure and not much shade to be had. I struggle with sunblock, too, Robin. I just can’t seem to find one that works and that is not laden with nasty chemicals. Any reader out there have a favorite all-natural sunblock suggestion? I think we would all be happy to have it!

Cheers, and have a lovely weekend!

5 thoughts on “tea time

  1. I’m with Robin too. Long sleeves, big floppy hats, and pants or (for me) long skirts. I have a number of mega spf sunblocks, but I hate them. Even when they say that they are “sheer” or “greaseless” they feel thick or gloppy to me. I use them only when absolutely necessary.

  2. I meant to put this in when I wrote but forgot – we like Aubrey Organics brand, and when that’s hard to find Badger makes one that’s a little greasy but manageable. Sunscreen lip balm is another one we keep handy – haven’t got a favorite there – more or less just whatever we can find to avoid getting scorched lips.

  3. love this discussion. I rather not apply sunscreen and thankfully my kids don’t burn. We wear sun hats I have such a hard time with sunscreens too. Aubrey Organics breaks my little one out so I just ordered Badger which seems to be a more natural one. I’m hoping that Badger is ok for her. They have no nano particles which is a huge concern with sunscreen.

    • We use Badger for the same reason, though I can’t stand sunscreen. They also have a Badger with bug repellent which is a nice feature and works pretty well.

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