just thinking about the weather

a glorious winter’s day we had, oh yes indeed. it has been gray, dreary and drippy for quite some time, but not anymore. a grand wind blew that front through and the sky is still blue back there.

i wrote the above sentence on january 17th. i was so inspired then to capture the moment when the sun returned after many days of rain. my inspiration was lost after that one sentence and somehow, here on july 7th, i am having the same moment again and i revisited that mid winter’s moment here in mid summer.

we have had an unseasonably wet week here to celebrate our nation’s independence. with the flat rock creek that defines our farm raging impassable, we spent days being stunned, thankful, concerned, and contemplative. now, today, the air is clear and fresh after a summer’s storm, the sky is bluer than i remember it, and i hang my laundry once again on the line.


i hang around with a lot of farmers, we are, as a group, highly concerned with weather: it is one of the single most important inputs for us and one that remains completely out of our control. i am not sure about the rest of people out there, but we who rely on agriculture to feed our families and pay our bills, we take notice when a storm rages. we peer out to the tomato patch and see standing water. we watch the grasses growing before our eyes in the gardens too wet to culticvate, even by hand, oh boy, we notice the weather.


on this wild and beautiful day july day, instead of thinking of the long term implications of climate change, or even the medium term possibilities for the future of the garden, i am thinking now only of the present. i settle in to being thankful for a thoroughly drenching rain at the peak of summer. i smile happily as well that this unusual system that rose up from the gulf has moved through and i can dry the clothing of my family of five. we who have spent the past days working in the rain and the mud. in july, there is no staying inside for all those days. i can open the doors and windows of the house and let the fresh, dry air blow on through, just for now.

the future, who knows? to be honest , some crops will likely be better off for the drenching, others not so. with a diverse vegetable operation, i can balance those so easily, so much easier than the farmer tending one single crop.  so my final thoughts of appreciation as i watch the weather are for the balance we manage to achieve in our fields: no matter how unusual or volatile the climate, not all will ever be lost.


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