right now :: rainy day creations

No one who has had a seven year old  daughter will be surprised to hear that our Lulah is the family fashionista.  It goes something like this:

“Momma! WHY won’t you wear a skirt?!”

“Ummmmmm.  I don’t want to get my nice skirts dirty.  I can’t move around so well.  I feel silly wearing a skirt when I’m working.  How about that?”

“PLEEEEEEEEEASE – just today, just wear a skirt!  I can’t STAND your yucky old pants!”lulah in flowers

So, this rainy weekend, I finally found a skirt I can wear.  Even better, I made it.

The idea came from the super cute magazine Mary Jane’s Farm (the August – September 2011 issue).

It’s two old red XL t-shirts I got at a yard sale.  The entire skirt, figuring in elastic, cost less than $1.  It took less than an hour to make (I was not exacting in my cuts and stitches AT ALL).  It’s stretchy, it’s red.  It’s pretty cute and I don’t mind getting it dirty.  It came out a little shorter than I’d thought, but as Lulah was happy to point out, it won’t get so wet and muddy that way.

new skirt

Good things can happen on rainy days!

1 thought on “right now :: rainy day creations

  1. coree, you won’t believe this, but when I was Asheville I went to an arts
    and crafts festival and lo and behold, one woman had a whole bunch of
    skirts made from shirts. They were so neat that I bought one and am wearing it now. I don’t wear skirts often either, but I was fascinated with
    these and loved the idea. They do look rather rather easy to make and I am glad you and Lulah can dress up together now.
    Love, Sally

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