there’s a fungus among us

IMG_3572Well, there’s actually more than one fungus among us right now… But it’s the chanterelles we are so excited about. And there are lots of them. We are finding them in our tried and true spots where we find them each year. This season, however, the chanterelle conditions must be especially perfect because we are finding them in new-to-us spots all over the farm. Like in the pasture at the base of a hickory tree…IMG_3577 Eric discovered that patch while setting up the animal’s paddock, but his hands were busy with fencing, and he didn’t happen to be carrying a basket, so I suppose the sheep got to dine on that particular patch of fungal delicacies. Or, to my horror, maybe the cattle just trampled them in their effort to make a rubbing post out of that tree. Ugghhh.

All of the rain that fell on the farm last week, coupled with the warm, moist, humid conditions we are experiencing now really made the conditions ripe for fungi of all kinds… but not all mushrooms are created equal. And we’ve got all makes and models popping up all over the place, so caution is always best. But, boy, some that I found just have that sinister look of “don’t eat me, or you are in for it!” I’m not even tempted to have a taste test…IMG_3578IMG_3573IMG_3579

The children were eager little beavers to get out of the dark house and into the sunshine, yes sunshine, that started gracing the farm on Sunday after many days of clouds and lots of rain. After a long spell of rain, even three year old Olivia, who’s experiencing a new wave of independence right now, grabbed a basket and headed into the woods with the bigger kids on their search for lunch. But they brought back a whole lot more than lunch. We’ve had meal upon meal that included chanterelles in some form or another, and there’s still some left!IMG_3551IMG_3556IMG_3560Quite honestly, I feel pretty spoiled to get to feast so indulgently on these mushrooms. I do realize what an incredible treat they are. And I am so grateful for the bounty. Now I just need to tap into my inner-most squirrel nature, and figure out the best way to preserve some of this bounty for the winter months. Or… maybe you should just swing by for some lunch. I promise, it will be good. IMG_3554IMG_3562IMG_3555IMG_3563

2 thoughts on “there’s a fungus among us

  1. Yum Cher! I love chanterelles. I think they are my favorite mushroom. If you have some to preserve you could try to dry them. I workers for a chef that would put them in water and freeze them in bulk too. I am hungry just looking at all the photos. Miss you all! I am enjoying your blog.
    –kristi robey

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