Sometimes gratitude works in weird inverse ways.  As grateful as I am for the wonderful harvests we’re making lately, I’m just as glad for what HASN’T happened.

For instance, I’m thankful right now that the big sweet gum tree that was recently struck by lightning did not fall on the chicken coop.sweet gum

I’m thankful that the copperhead snake that struck and killed three of our turkey poults wasn’t up for biting me when I (barefoot in the middle of the night) found it coiled by the coop.

And I’m thankful that the primary weed in our garden right now, galinsoga, though it is terribly prolific, is furry and shallowly rooted, instead of thorny and thick, like prickly red rooted pigweed.galinsoga

Thankful, like a sigh of relief, that I’ve so much to be thankful for.

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