home(stead) renovations

this place is a work in progress. as we slowly but surely improve our farm;  it’s fields, woodlands, pastures, barns, fences,  and outbuildings it is often easier to see the things that have not gotten done rather than those that have.

we don’t have a lot of disposable income to put towards projects.  right now we are investing in the land, almost entirely. with little cash and a lot of will we attempt to design projects that make our life more comfortable, our land more usable, our structures more functional and our home more livable.

just like everyone else, our life is constantly changing, our family grows, our needs change. this time around, we needed a patio. we became desperate for a place to relax outside. we love to host, we love to eat outdoors in the balmy cool that comes as sunset approaches on a long summer’s day. we lived for many years with our entire kitchen and dining facility outdoors. now, with an indoor dining room, we often find ourselves toting our dining table outside, along with all the chairs and plop the whole set in the driveway somewhere. it has made for many a grand event, but we wanted an upgrade: we were starting to seriously miss our old kitchen.


this week, with all kinds of guests on the farm, we did it. in an hour of focused attention, a shady knoll underneath some giant sycamore trees was transformed into our new spot. with a pair of grills, a collection of age-old outdoor chairs, 2 market tables and some table cloths, we had just what we needed. a place to relax and view the farm. a place to dine and host. a place new but familiar. IMG_5169

many a grand time have been had here already, in a place just a week reinvented. i have to encourage you all to take stock, move things around, evaluate your needs and meet them with creativity. sometimes, all it takes is a bit of mowing!


4 thoughts on “home(stead) renovations

  1. Indeed. We hope to build, in the coming week, an outdoor canning kitchen. The prospect of cooking down batch after batch of tomatoes inside out tiny house is a daunting one.

  2. LOVE this post! Living on land that is also a constant work in progress I really jive with this sentiment – it’s easy to see all the work to do, harder to focus on all that’s been done. Thanks for this reminder! And congrats on your wonderful outdoor space!

    • keep positive! i always love to walk the land with someone who hasn’t been here in a while, the oohs and ahhhs remind me that we have gotten something done. all the best.

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