not your typical saturday

I had a day off. Well, maybe not a day off, an unexpected unusual day on the farm: the CSA farmer’s equivalent of a snow day. I stayed home from market. We are way more comfortable when there is someone back at the farm during our long market day. Sasha tends to the livestock, but an adult sidekick is needed in case of emergency. Usually the apprentices rotate through this day, market day, farm day, and back again. With Deanna out of town, I quickly realized it was easiest for me to stay back. It could be an adult only market day (eliminating the near full time job of watching an active 2 year old at the market). I still had to wake at 3 am with Paul and ready him for market as did William, but we had the luxury of snuggling back into bed at 3:45 when the van pulled out of the driveway. A drizzly morning led to a slow moving round of chores and an extra long spell of kitchen time. I made quick work of it and processed a batch of my new favorite condiment: home made sriracha. Made exclusively with the mildest of hot peppers we grow here, Czech Black, this hot sauce is the perfect addition to our plates, edible spicy, love it.

When the skies opened blue we headed out to a clearing project  in the “wedding field” named of course for it was the chosen location for Paul and my nuptials in 2001. Sasha has taken over the clearing of the “old place”. When we first moved onto our original 60 acres, they included a scant 5 acres of open land. We began the process of clearing old logging yards that had long since overgrown and returning some of the gentle hillsides into the pastures they once were. When we purchased adjacent property we increased our open land perhaps three fold and abandoned the labor intensive task of clearing scrubland. With Sahsa’s youthful energy and 2 horses to care for, he has taken over where we left off and is most certainly a grass farmer in the making. Over the past years since he has gotten his horse and taken over managing her food supply, he has learned first hand the significance of pasture management. Now, with not only a push mower, but a riding mower, weed eater and chain saw to call his own, he can truly manage these areas of the farm in a way that benefits all.


Back to my day off. After William woke from a long and late nap, my whole posse happily headed to a remote corner of our acreage. Along side me was a happy teenager hauling all sorts of tools, a thrilled toddler in the creek “deep” “fishies”, and a gleeful middle daughter toting the picnic lunch we all carefully prepared. The sun was shining, the air had the post storm crispness that we all adore. I found a way to please the whole crew: teenager adores power tools, toddler adores water, mud, trees, grass and wild berries, and middle daughter loves a good picnic with her family.Mama, well, I was just happy for the restful break from routine.

2 thoughts on “not your typical saturday

  1. How sweet! I’m longing for a real day off right now. I guess I’ll get it in a month or two. 🙂 By the way, I’m totally envious that you Cher and Coree all have peppers.

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