right now :: fossil walk

IMG_3942As a homeschooling family, we try to embrace our children’s interests and be present in their learning processes, providing guidance and explanations when necessary. Lately, the kids have been incredibly interested in learning about our local fossils. So a restful Sunday afternoon (not your typical “school day”) walk up the creek to look for special rocks, fossils, and geodes, turned into a grand learning adventure that was easy for the whole family to get involved in and have a lovely time “learning”…IMG_3933…A collection of fossils and geodes that now decorate our house. At the rate the children are going with their collections, our house just keeps getting heavier and heavier. We may have to add on a room just for all of their treasures.IMG_3944…Honeycomb coral.IMG_3948…Opal’s love for all things sparkly carries over into the realm of rocks as well. Geodes are her favorite. After all, they sparkle inside!IMG_3952…Horn coral.IMG_3953…Geode jewelry.IMG_3954…Not a bad classroom.IMG_3958…Livi gets distracted by the water snails. IMG_3965…There’s a lot of freedom for learning around here.

4 thoughts on “right now :: fossil walk

  1. One of these days you should try minnow watching. Micah and I are both birders and one day when we were at the creek with our binoculars we discovered that if we aimed them at the water instead of the trees, and focused in close, we could see an amazing level of detail on all of those tiny minnows. The next time we took an Audobon’s Fish Guide with us and learned who they all were!

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