cantaloupeThe Arrival

Like a tide it comes in,

wave after wave of foliage and fruit,

the nurtured and the wild,

out of the light to this shore.

In its extravagance we shape

the strenuous outline of enough.

from Wendell Berry’s The Country of Marriage

Wendell Berry’s poems, novels and essays can be found many places, but my favorite is Larkspur Press.

4 thoughts on “inspired

  1. Lovely! Wendell is a dear family friend, and Thanks of the shout out to Larkspur Press! Grey’s wife is my mother’s best friend, and her daughter has been my greatest friend since we were born!

    • oh man do i love the good work those people do – their books are really artful. as for wendell berry – i could write several thousand word essays about the effect his thoughts have had on mine. i hope he knows he’s loved.

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