my share

i’ve been immersed in lessons of sharing this past week. our extended family is here on the farm  and i have spent the better part of my time negotiating the dispersal of balls, trucks, wagons, books, and other odds and ends that comprise my 2 year old’s stash with his same age cousin. the toddling cousins did pretty well i must say, but i have been forced to question how we as adults share in our lives.


everyone’s life is a balancing act. work and play, day and night, give and receive, reap and sow. for me, in this place, i am constantly striving to achieve and maintain equilibrium in my roles of mother and wife, csa farmer and mentor. admittedly this is not always easy, for on a regular basis i am called to distribute, allocate, and share. with a keen eye on “fairness” i have to divvy it all up: the work, the time, the knowledge, the food.

as a mother i give of myself to my children, hopefully lovingly and unconditionally, this isn’t always easy. don’t we all, as parents, constantly assess and reassess how to best give to our families while still keeping our self healthy?


as a csa farmer, we share the harvests of the farm, this would seem straightforward but it is not always so. in times of abundance, there is more than enough for everyone to fill their plates. but what about less bounteous times?


as a mentor farmer, i spend the better part of each season sharing the wisdom of our experience:  the lessons learned here in the hills and hollows. lovely indeed, but what if a lesson needs to be learned first thing on sunday morning, the sole day off?

it is far easier to parse out abundance, than it is to divide in the face of scarcity or even perceived limits. as the community around me grows and changes, i realize that finding balance is a well orchestrated dance. as with any other of life’s quandaries, i have discovered that if i look within, and respond with honesty from the heart, everything settles into the right place. the place that is fair and clearly communicated. i can’t promise this place is always easy to find, but once there it makes good sense to us all.

3 thoughts on “my share

  1. This speaks to me Robin. It is very familiar as well as instructive and wise. On a lighter note, the picture of your three children in bed is a GEM!

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