the farmwives kitchen

for reasons that i won’t go into here i am NOT canning tomatoes right now. ok, i will tell you briefly we are having an awfully wet year and conditions in our hollow are far from favorable for those luscious fruits. so i am focusing an extra amount of attention on what is abundant right now: peppers. my new favorite food is homemade sriracha. it is such a flexible condiment to make oneself. the ingredient list is brief: hot peppers, garlic, salt, sweetness ( i have used honey and sugar with fabulous results both ways) and vinegar. , choose your heat by choosing the pepper you grow. you can opt to ferment briefly or not. (again, i have done both and adored both). can it if you are able to make large amounts, or do a small batch and keep it in your refrigerator. this stuff is so delightful, i am almost forgetting the tomatoes…


basic recipe:

1 pound hot peppers, stems removed and quartered. i am using czech black peppers, deep red when ripe. these are a mild hot pepper making a quite edible sauce.

2 heads garlic, peeled and chopped

2 tsp salt

2 cups vinegar. (i have been using apple cider vinegar, but many many recipes out there call for white vinegar, so either will work, this is about using what you have!)

sweetness 3 TBS honey or the same amount of sugar (i use evaporated cane sugar, lots of recipes call for brown sugar, not sure what that would do)

option 1: cook peppers, garlic and salt in vinegar until soft, let cool, and blend in your food processor until desired consistency. pour into jars and start to enjoy.

option 2: the ferment. place peppers, garlic and salt in a bowl or mason jar. cover loosely and let ferment. fermentation varies so wildly with conditions, i will not give times (you can expect action quickly in a warm environment like Kentucky in summer and completion a few days after that). stir and check on progress each day. to complete sauce,  heat the vinegar with sweetener and combine with your pepper mash. blend until you have the desired consistency and enjoy.

this sauce will last for quite a few months in your refrigerator, i guarantee it won’t last that long. if you want to preserve it for longer or would rather it be shelf stable, you can process in a water bath for 15 minutes.

4 thoughts on “the farmwives kitchen

  1. You and I seem to be having opposite issues this year Robin. I feel almost overburdened with tomatoes and have only harvested a few very small ancho peppers so far. I do have serrano and jalapenos coming on though. This weather is driving both me and my garden completely mad!

  2. Looks delish! We don’t get a long enough growing season for field peppers up here in BC. I’ll have to look into a local greenhouse to see if they have peppers so I can try this!

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