random acts of kindness

they happen all the time, sometimes we are on the receiving end, other times the giving, either way, these moments are beacons of light during dark moments, hugs when you most need them.
i was planning on writing about our latest farm project, harvesting and dyeing with japanese indigo, but now, as life unfolds. i will only refer to this delightful plant in passing. we went off in search of large stainless steel pots yesterday after our CSA delivery was complete at the farmers market. we are attempting to gear up for larger scale dye projects. heading to the south east side of town, we found ourselves not only failing to procure said large pots but in deeper than we expected with a smoking passenger side front tire. the air around our dodge van just reeked of brake trouble. as we waited for a verdict, a young couple asked if we needed help. at that point, we had no idea what would really help and said no thank you. they stayed and waited for our plot to unfold and once again offered their assistance, this time we accepted.  
we were stranded 120 miles away from home, 4 of us. it is hard sometimes as we function in a society continually lessening the need for human interaction. people stare at their smart phones while in the company of other friends, we gaze more often into the flat screen than into the eyes of a friendly neighbor. i try to keep focused on community. i don’t have a cell phone or TV. screen time is limited.  within this context i grew ever more thankful of this young couple willing to invite strangers into their saturday afternoon. they helped us, they played a big part in getting this farm family home. with their willingness to engage, they made our life better. as i nestle into my cozy home and prepare for a good night’s rest, i hope i can carry with me the joy of my most recent gift and bestow one upon someone else. for these random acts of human kindness are the gems in all of our lives.

2 thoughts on “random acts of kindness

  1. Robin – I don’t know you, but was touched by your post. I recently had a similar experience when travelling in France…within our first two hours of being there, my husband’s wallet was stolen in the train station in Paris. We were stranded, and the couple we met on the plane helped us out without concern for their own time or tiredness from the trip. They took us the police station, translated our situation to the police, let us use their cell phone to call our family back home, and took us to a hotel near their home – and loaned us money to get by on for a few days until we could straighten things out. My feeling is that, kindness begets kindness…I don’t know if it’s societal, technology or fear…but those who have kind hearts, will find each other. Glad you made it home safe.

    • lisa,
      thank you for sharing your story, what i love about it and my own is the way that these special people, those willing to help, fill what otherwise was such a negative experience,with joy.
      thanks for reading,

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