the top of the world

IMG_4170Family walks are a saving grace. Sunday morning found me feeling tired from having been the solo adult from our family to make the journey to market the day before. (Eric and the girls stayed home to get some seeds planted.) And I was also feeling a tad annoyed at the noise and bickering filling the air around me. (Can’t we just have one morning that is a little slower and quieter???, I wondered, aloud and with an exasperated sigh.) Just when the harmony in the house fell into a downward spiral, Eric was able to tap into some creative juices and suggested a walk. Ahhhh… a walk. And not just any old walk, but a magical, mystical walk on the bluff. The hill behind our house rises steadily and steeply to a bluff overlooking the creek. Because of the inherent dangers of very steep rocky cliffs, the children are not permitted to wander that way without the big people. So a walk on the bluff was a very exciting prospect. As soon as we were out the door, everyone’s mood shifted and we were all happily on our way.IMG_4150IMG_4152A child’s zeal for adventure is contagious. Be it swinging from grape vines or finding fairy houses in hollow, rotting stumps, there is something to investigate and explore in every direction and under every rock or leaf. It’s amazing, really. So often, we adults have so much garbage rumbling around in our heads and clouding our vision that we lose sight of the mystery and wonder that comes so easily to children. On this particular outing, the bluff that we were hiking was a giant mountain in the eyes of my children. We were on top of the world. Once I let my mind be free, I could imagine it, too. A remarkable change of perspective by simply thinking a different thought. IMG_4156IMG_4158So we journeyed along on a Sunday morning in a timeless moment that was now. Guided by three little free-spirits that were fully revealing the secret to living in the moment. And when I was able to give all of my cares a firm boot (off of the ‘giant mountain’), I found myself, most definitely, on the top of the world.IMG_4159A word of advice: when someone suggests a walk, always say yes.

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