On Monday, a stray lightning strike took out our computer’s modem, leaving Tuesday mostly computer-free (blessing in disguise!). Our handy-dandy repairman had us back in business by late Tuesday afternoon. But instead of hopping on the computer to iron out this post, I went with my family up on the hill, for chores and to enjoy a little of late summer’s ripeness. So in lieu of very many words today, I’m going to fill this space with images… Images from a day filled with so much ripenessIMG_4381IMG_4393 IMG_4403IMG_4404IMG_4361 IMG_4395IMG_4397 IMG_4385 IMG_4405IMG_4383IMG_4265

1 thought on “ripeness

  1. Hi Smith family ..
    Can’t believe how big Livi is getting .. She appears to be outgrowing Miss Opal! And Ira sure has shot up too!
    Thanks for sharing your farm adventures with us on here!
    Love .. Denny, Cass, Cyd & Ema 🌻

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