IMG_4470Inspired? Well, yes I am. With a vacation in my sights, fantasies of endless days with my toes wriggling in the sand, and the impaired belief that I can read at least one book and knit at least one garment per day, I guess I’d better be inspired!!! Really though, I am Inspired by these amazing writers (Barbara Kingsolver, Ben Hewitt, Michael Pollan, and all of the contributors at both the Sun and Taproot magazines) for their mastery of our complex language, the images they conjure with their words, and the topics they are discussing. I can’t wait to let my mind melt into their stories! I’m also inspired by all of my fellow fiber enthusiasts at Ravelry and all of the scrumptious ideas and patterns that are so willingly shared. There is so much inspiration to be found at that site, it’s mind-boggling!!!

5 thoughts on “inspired

    • Yes, I’ve got a stack of books and a pile of yarn that have been very neglected during our busy growing season, and has me looking forward to the cooler season ahead, too.

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