right now :: glass gems corn

Sometimes I question my Fellow Man.  Is it really sane to do SO MANY projects in the garden in one season?  Why grow three different varieties of corn, saving seed from two of them?  So much work.  So much detail.

Well, now I know why.glass gem1

This is Glass Gem corn.  In larger group shots it doesn’t look like much, but holding an ear in your hand, letting the clear near Autumn sunlight strike it, I’ve never seen corn like this before.  It is art.glass gem group

glass gem3Carl Barnes put over 25 years into developing this amazing living diverse seed from native corn stocks in and around Oklahoma.  His student and friend Greg Schoen worked on it some more, and then began to share. You can read the whole story in this very nice article from Mother Earth News.  This is not your standard “indian corn”.

We bought a packet – just one – and planted a short row.  Paul tended it with amazing care and hand pollinated it so it would not cross with the sweet corn next door.  It worked.

The variety of colors, their iridescence and translucence and pearl-essence, are a feast to the senses.  What a harvest.glass gem5

5 thoughts on “right now :: glass gems corn

  1. This is so beautiful, have never seen such pretty and colorful corn, congratulations on the agricultural success!! Any chances of sharing? 🙂

    • both – i believe it’s a flint type – pretty good for popcorn or cornmeal, so we hear. time will tell. we’re letting it cure now.

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