a rain day

it wasn’t long ago that i was talking to a dear friend, someone who has so much in common with me, we are alike in so many ways. except one way. she, at least for now anyway, has no children. we talk frequently or infrequently depending on the season.  in this conversation that i am remembering now it was raining. a rainy day just like today. one that dawns wet, continues all day and we fall asleep still to the sound of rain on the metal roof. i recall that talk, i can still hear my friend sighing happily, content, “don’t you just love a rainy day”. after i pulled the toddler from his grasp on my leg, flipped the eggs for my ever hungry teenager and plucked a supply of books off the highest shelf for my middle child, i responded, “i am pretty sure rain days are different for you than they are for me”

rain days aren’t always easy around here.  our life is very much out of doors. depending on the time of year we are in the gardens or high tunnels, we might be collecting sap from the maple trees or tending the fire to boil it off. regardless of the season we head out after dawn to milk the cow, feed the pigs, and check on the sheep and horses. needless to say when the rain comes down, however thankful we are for the respite, it is kind of awkward inside the house.

today when the rain started just after chore time, it was welcomed.  we have had a long dry spell, one that saw us transition our gardens from summer to fall. the storage crops are in, the garlic is planted, we were ready for rain. but for a rain day, we are NEVER quite ready for that. “this house isn’t big enough for all 5 of us” claims one of my dearest. believe me friends, we have more than adequate square footage, we just needed to adjust our attitudes to share the space. each of us individually needed to imagine the day that lie ahead: an indoor day, one that asks us to shift gears, beckons us to the house work, invites us to be cozy in our home again, a place we have all but neglected for months.

we took on some big projects and we had some rough moments on this particular rain day, the autumnal one that calls in cold weather ahead.


missing facilities in the bathroom if you want to know


yes, that is one of my bookshelves dismantled

we did it, we eased through this particular transition. this day closed with hugs and baked goods, warm chai and smiles. maybe i do like rain days after all…. 


8 thoughts on “a rain day

  1. As this morning unfolds, I will be living through the day enjoying the sounds of the drops falling on my rain barrel 🙂 Yes, rainy days are different from every family… lovely post Robin. mb

  2. It was definitely an exciting day for us as it replenished our water supply. We were very nearly dry, and it feels lovely to have abundant clean water once again.

  3. It rained all day here on Saturday and though we needed it, I couldn’t help but think of all that wasn’t getting done outside, especially on my off day from work.

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