a wedding

you all probably know by now that i love an alternative to the main stream. whether that be in food choices, career paths or celebrations, i try to create and recreate. my heart leaps when i take part in something truly authentic. societal pull is mighty. like the swiftest current, when we approach one of life’s many rites of passage, the inclination to do what others are doing around you can be so strong.


for those of us meandering through this life in less traditional ways, celebrating a marriage can pose a real challenge. how do we create a wedding that represents our love? how do we invite our family and friends to share in the joy of our commitment while still holding true to our values? how do we receive the support and blessing of our community without jumping too deeply into the pool of commercialism that so often surrounds a wedding? this can be so daunting that many abandon the opportunity to celebrate this most joyous of life’s events. luckily for me, just yesterday, some dear friends decided to do what i adore. with great care and thought, these folks created a ceremony so true to their family and so delightful to attend, i just can’t stop thinking about it.


the scene was too perfect to describe: friends and family gathering in a place that represents community better than any i can think of. old friends and new dining and dancing in the glow of love and life. i know it wasn’t easy to create that space. i also know that many of you were there with me and will read this and share another deep sigh of contentment. life is good  love is special. be true to yourself, it is a treasured gift to us all.

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