right now :: garlic planting

IMG_4860Now is the time!!! If you grow your own, I’m sure you’ve been busy planting, too. Or at least thinking about it. If you don’t grow your own, but have considered trying, garlic growing is quite simple. Just “pop” your bulbs apart into their individual cloves. We save our own seed from our previous year’s crop, but if you are not picky about what you grow any organic garlic can be used as seed. You may have to peel some of the wrapper away to facilitate the “popping” but it isn’t necessary to peel all of the skin from the cloves. In fact, it’s best to leave the skin on. Then, press those cloves down a few inches into your composted garden beds, cover with a nice blanket of mulch for the winter, keep the weeds in check when spring rolls around, and as the summer solstice draws near, harvest your precious crop! If you don’t grow your own, and don’t plan on trying, but still want to eat some garlic, head on down to your local farmer’s market next summer and visit a farmer like me. We have just finished planting more garlic than we could possibly eat in a year (in the range of 7000-9000 cloves! eeeegads!) so we kind of rely on those of you who don’t grow your own! It’s one of our very favorite crops to grow so we’ve been known to get a little carried away…IMG_4855

4 thoughts on “right now :: garlic planting

    • Oh, yes! Absolutely bother with garlic! Garlic is versatile. A layer of mulch seems to help balance out moisture inconsistencies. Depending on where you are, it may require deeper planting as protection from extreme freezing. And nothing beats fresh garlic…

      • oh thanks! I live in Austin, so I don’t have to worry too often about freezing 🙂 I read a layer of straw over it will do the trick, so I’m going to at least try it. I figure the worst that can happen is it doesn’t come up! And then I’ll just try again next year

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