the farmwives kitchen: figgy pudding pie

IMG_4854IMG_3856We’ve had the delightful addition of figs to our diets this season. Our trees are planted down in the hollow around our house where the daily quota of sunshine is far less than where our gardens are, up on the hill. So to even get a few figs seemed like a small miracle to us. But when we could go on daily fig forages, eat to our fill, and still have figs left… oh, my, the possibilities! IMG_4920So I started perusing my cookbooks for a little figgy inspiration and decided to go with Ashley English’s “figgy pudding pie” from her mouth-watering cookbook, A Year of PiesAnd I’ll just say here that I highly recommend this cookbook. You’ll find recipes for pies as simple or as complicated as you want to get, for pies both savory and sweet, and I don’t think there is a single recipe that I wouldn’t try. Now that frosts have started kissing the fig trees, I don’t expect to be able to harvest many more figs this season. So, I may not be able to make this pie again until next year, but it’s not a recipe I’m going to forget about. IMG_4922IMG_4923

4 thoughts on “the farmwives kitchen: figgy pudding pie

  1. great year for figs!! I’ve dried a ton and made jam and cake; Emily says they are good grilled. may have to try wine…ha! So did I miss the recipe here? Do you have a black fig by chance? Have looked for one; we have Celeste and Brown Turkey.

    • Hey Michele… I didn’t post the entire recipe, just a link to the cookbook. I didn’t want to step on any toes. We have all five varieties that Hidden Springs offer. I would like to get a Brown Turkey as well. Now that we have finally had a success with the figs, I want to plant them everywhere! What a treat!

  2. Hi Cher,
    I also had an abundance of figs this year and even a 2nd crop this fall which was a nice
    addition. I will have to try the figgy pie next year. I made a lot of different things with the
    figs, my favorite being a batch of fig balsamic vinegar that is still good in the fridge and a
    great treat in salad dressings and fall green stir-frys. Yum!

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