you are a great mom

as our time at the farmers market drew to a close saturday, the beautiful young friend of our neighboring vendor said to me “you are a great mom!” my heart sang and i thanked her, little did she really know this was about the single best compliment she could pay to me, really. i held that conversation in my heart but the thrill of the compliment soon wore off, what would my kids think if i posed this question to them? as i pondered topics for this week’s post and mulled over motherhood, i decided to do some of my own reasearch and present it to you all, here.

perhaps you agree with me or maybe you don’t but mothering can be a pretty thankless job. the day in day out nitty-gritty of caring for our babes can leave us tired and unflattered.  with familial and societal concerns for the next generation so great, we as mothers are often pressed to ignore our intuitive desires for our own. but wait, i am getting ahead of myself, back to my survey.

i wanted to discover if my own kids thought i qualified as a grade A parent. i started with madeline, pre teen she is, still loves a good chat with mama.

robin: “do you think i am a good mom?”

madeline: “where did that question come from?”

once i explained the initial compliment, my resulting jubilation and then subsequent introspection, i got some good response.

madeline: “well, you’re pretty good”

“sometimes you’re really, really annoying but for the most part you’re alright”

” i wish you’d make mashed potatoes more often,”

“your cooking is pretty good”

“you’re fairly nice most of the time”

“i wish you’d stop having brothers” (i decided not to interrupt her flow by explaining this was actually dad’s doing!)

“sometimes i wish you’d stop nagging me to clean my room”

“occasionally i wish you’d stop letting pilly (one of many family nicknames for our youngest boy) in my room first thing in the morning”

“you’re a pretty good draw-er and you’re fun to play with when you have time to play with us and i do wish we had more time to play with each other”

“on the whole, you’re pretty good.”

with my middle child, i decided i was definitely granted a basic mothering thumbs up.


it was harder to pin my teen age boy down. first of all, he was busily chopping wood.

robin: “do you think i am a good mom?”

sasha: “why am i supposed to answer that?” and in his next breath “what were madeline’s answers?” finally “you’re pretty good i would say.”

robin: “come on, describe me as a mom, elaborate”

sasha: “you know i hate elaborating, i thought you knew that. you forget too much.”

“could you help me stack this wood” he pleads and then adds after i start to work with him “you are a good cook and i wouldn’t trade you in for another mom.”

feeling like a pretty good mama now..


william was last, at 2 he is still a man of few words. but it is clear every time this little guy looks my way that i top his list of favorite mothers.


on this lovely monday morning, i ask any and all mamas reading this to look within, find joy in your motherhood and remember:  you are a great mom, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


11 thoughts on “you are a great mom

  1. Thanks so much and I’m glad you made the grade! 🙂 I’m grateful to two of my grown young men at home still and they are kind enough to let me know on a regular basis where I stand. 😀

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