a vision becoming reality

part one: the root cellar.


a root cellar has always played a part in the long term vision of our farm. by 2010 we had chosen the site and even had a back hoe excavate it as part of a separate green house project. for the next years the project inched further down the to do list. it was somehow hard to prioritize as we have made do without for so long. with funding made available from kentucky state university’s small scale farm grant program  we are now in the process of building a root cellar. with nothing but excitement for the heavy work of the past week and that which lies ahead, i present to you the footer:


we had every intention of mixing the 12 foot by 16 foot concrete footer by hand. an estimated 80 bags of quikrete each weighing 80 pounds required to do it. we headed to lowe’s to purchase for delivery the lumber necessary for the framing and the conrete only to discover they wouldn’t be able to deliver the materials to the farm when we wanted. as we walked the hardware aisles we realized a call to the local ready mix was the only solution, could we possibly afford to have the concrete mixer truck do the job? a resounding yes and we headed home with lumber and gravel and 24 hours to ready for the truck.


two tons of gravel and all the daylight hours were needed but we were ready.





off to a solid start this project is, and now we enter the next phase: laying block. an unknown for us, we start the week with excitement, a bit of trepidation and the thrill of a long-term, incredible  project well underway.

8 thoughts on “a vision becoming reality

  1. Robin, this is amazing! How exciting! We have dreamt of a root cellar for years, I’m afraid we have to wait until Miller is Sasha’s age so he can help out 🙂 And I love the photo of William as the foreman, overseeing the workers….perfect!

  2. Congratulations!!! We are so hoping to do the same within the next year or two, and hoping it doesn’t stretch out to 3 or 4 years!

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