Today, I’m thankful for the safe and effective installation of some new solar panels, which will bring us a little more light in the dark winter months.

fragileFirst, we had to convince the delivery driver to come down our road.  Some do, some don’t.  Between the heft of the package and the amount we paid for delivery, we were fairly determined to get it delivered to our door, and our determination worked.  Whew.

half way there

But that was really the easy part.  My Fellow Man built a simple frame, attached the panels, then strung them on a stout rope.  We got them half way up, to the easy part of the roof.

getting there

Then I had to climb up.  Heights aren’t my thing, and I wasn’t very helpful, but the panels didn’t fall off the roof, and neither did we.  panel down

Isn’t that great?  I’m thankful.

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