a confection

we eat a diet rich in vegetables, raw dairy and farm raised meats. our processed food intake is close to nil. lest you imagine our dining table austere or our life somehow lacking in dietary excitement, i thought i should share a tale of our latest sweet treat: the donut.


charlotte and deanna started this. our two apprentices share a sweet tooth. each tuesday for the past 10 weeks as we pressed apple cider   they would fantasize about the apple cider donut. you know the one you get on a brisk autumn’s day in an orchard in rural new england. charlotte grew up on the east coast and with some clearly fond memories of such, she was a major motivating force for the hill and hollow donut party.


busy mama that i am, i rarely have time for indulgent baking. i have to keep the bellies of 5 full (one a teenage boy belly mind you, not easy to fill). sweets rarely make it to the top of my list, birthdays, holidays, sure, i can whip out a treat, but donuts? why? when?

donut 2

halloween was the chosen date. we had ourselves a little party and a new farm delight was born. flour. butter. sugar. leavening. eggs. yogurt. reduced apple cider. spices. and the topper: freshly rendered lard to fry in.


we have revisited this delight since all hallows eve. to be honest, we even brought out a deep fryer that some friends passed down to us long ago when they moved away. you see, our season is drawing to a close. charlotte’s stay here has ended and deanna will soon depart. seems we owed it to them to indulge their sweet tooth just one last time.

done donut

9 thoughts on “a confection

  1. I have to admit that I have a total sweet tooth, but I try to keep it on the healthy side. Plenty of flaxseed, nuts, and coconut oil, and substituting maple syrup and honey for the sugar in recipes. And yes, no trip to New England in Autumn is complete with an apple cider donut – I had mine just a couple weeks ago!

  2. oh my goodnesss! I miss eating wheat for one reason mainly…donuts!!! And homemade donuts make me drool! I might have to make them for my kiddos this weekend. Yum!

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