the farmwives kitchen

There must be something in the air about sweets right now.

For us, the excuse was Lulah’s birthday (more on that shortly), and this book – Bake It Like You Mean It, by Gesine Bullock-Prado.  Lulah saw this cake way back in the Spring, and decided then and there that this was HER birthday cake.

cake topcake side kidsOf course, I can’t follow instructions the way they are written, so our cake turned out to be a half cylinder instead of brick shape.  AND I made the mistake of reading the ingredients on the standard food coloring.  Since I don’t consider propylene glycol a suitable food additive, I had to invest in some natural food dye, which wasn’t half as strong as I would have liked, but we are not disappointed.  It’s still a rainbow cake. It’s a delicious cake, and most of all, it’s Lulah’s birthday cake. cake interior

We love a new challenge around here.  Especially in the spirit of celebration.frosting nose

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