right now :: november snow!

IMG_5308This afternoon, just before the sun went down for the day (well, if we could have seen the sun), snow started falling from the heavy greyness of the clouds. Snow. We haven’t had much of the stuff ’round these parts for several years. Nor temperatures quite this cold quite this early. But here it is, not quite Thanksgiving, and we’re getting our first (albeit minor) snow. That’s almost unheard of for southern Kentucky! I’ve had the hunch that this winter might have more “weather” in store for us than in past years, especially after a fairly mild and uneventful summer. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the winter holds for us but so far, looks like my hunch is right on the money. The children were pretty ecstatic about the snow. My wool sheep didn’t even seem to notice. As for myself, I’ll just say that after slipping my way around to get these few photos, I was pretty happy to come back inside my cozy little cabin…  IMG_5301IMG_5307IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5320

2 thoughts on “right now :: november snow!

  1. The first snow of the season is still a treat to this Pennsylvania girl, in fact I just woke up early with the little babe to let out the dogs and we got about 2 inches over night. Sounds like a great morning for a woods walk with the dogs! Snow makes them so excited!

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