fun for us

each year, each holiday we try to create days that are joyous and meaningful for all of us. we have had flops, we have had hits.  we’ve flirted with old traditions and created new ones. i believe this parenting journey is so often about flexibility and the holiday season is always a time to see just how far we can stretch. 

this year, off went madeline to boston. yep. gram makes the trip each year and this year my daughter wanted to check it out. baking and crafting with dear aunt phoebe, a solstice performance of the christmas revels in cambridge, the lure of a white christmas. all of these dreams came true.  

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meanwhile, back at the farm, the guys and i faced a pretty low-key week. with our dear ones starting new traditions on the east coast, we dove into the days with the thrill of new possibilities. the weather graced us with a series of crisp sunny days and our favorite places were visited with joy as the days unfolded.




this season our celebrations were different from those that have passed and likely those that lie ahead. i have discovered over the years that some of our best and worst habits can be tied to annual holidays. perhaps i am noticing that for me at least it is best to look at each year and her special days with new eyes . these days can be different because the sun shines or different because the middle daughter flies. they can be different  because we change and what delights us changes too.



we embraced the newness of this season as individuals and as a family. we could not be happier with the outcome!

the farmwives kitchen

Follow the blue text for a link to a really good Cranberry Pear Pie – perfect for the holidays.

We follow the recipe from Sally Fallon Morell’s excellent cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, using arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch.  I didn’t use a gluten free crust, but the same principle applies as to the cookie cutter shapes on top.

Have fun, and enjoy this delicious holiday treat.