that’s mitten’s spot

me and knitting have had a long and tumultuous affair. it started long ago playing second fiddle to my fabulously creative, decidedly crafty, artist sister. it was hard for me to enter that realm, she and her knitting bag just intimidated me. i eyed with envy those folks and their woolen projects, and hoped one day knitting would be my bag.


2006, the year we sheared our first sheep,  our apprentice that year was a fabulous knitter and took me under her wing. i learned to love the knit stitch and spent those chilly fall nights with what became one very long scarf and a fear of the purl stitch.

years passed, our flock grew, we accumulated enough fleece to process it at a nearby fiber mill. once we got the yarn back, the desire to create  with it burned strong. then we hand dyed that yarn and still, sadly i remained stuck with beginner projects.


2013: i watched this year’s team of apprentices knit and knit with our beautiful yarn. surely, i can do that.  i can find the time, the space the place


and with a little help and encouragement i made a set of wrist warmers for myself. pure brown of our own wool, this project set the stage for a whole new world knitting for me.


a world full of short, simple, achievable projects. a world that now includes all kinds of increases and decreases, thumb gussets and yarn overs.  friends, the long nights of winter are upon us. the time is now to get crafting, enjoy making. . i can not believe the joy these hand knits are bringing to me and my family.

madeline came first: i knew she would be the most appreciative. so this matching headband and wrist warmer set went to her. made from our own yarn dyed indigo with a goldenrod overdye.



next on my list: little william. his precious hands had nothing to warm them on these cold days. so today, just today i finished the first of his requested yellow mittens. when he isn’t wearing it, he is hugging it. i find myself hugging it too, the love and delight of this project just fill our home.


as he woke from his nap, with mitten next to him, madeline and i snuck in for a cuddle. william looked cross at his sister who had come too close. “that’s mitten’s spot” he said clearly. awwwww, i can hardly wait to make mitten’s mate!

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